Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Baby Capsule Installation

The Baby capsule installation service offered by many so called accredited child restraint fitters does not marry up to the best practices. There are some shops and car seat fitters who tell mothers that they need a certificate to take to the hospital and that they are the on approved list of suppliers.

FACT : The  Hospital will not ask you for a certificate for the installation of the Baby capsule nor will the hospital want to inspect to ensure the baby capsule has been installed according to some hospital standard

MYTH : Some Baby Capsule fitters will tell you that you must use a baby capsule initially until the child is of 6 months of age.

FACT : A Baby \Capsule allows you to take the child in and out of the car easily and attach the carrier to a select number of prams including the iCandy, however depending on the parents, you may only be in the capsule for 5-7 week until the child outgrows the baby carrier. At which point the child you would transition to a rear facing convertible car-seat such as the INFA KOMPRESSOR, which allows you to keep your child rear facing up to 24 months (based on the 50th percentile).Ntorso lengthow with the update of the Australian standards te Infa Quattro will keep you child resar facing for up to 30 months of age (39 cm )

You can however have your child in a convertible car-seat from birth in a INFA Quattro and the child is just as safe as in a carrier

I want my baby capsule installed in the safest position in the car - the center position in the rear seat

FACT : The positional choice is dependent upon a number of factors some of these factors include

1/ Bucket seats on either side of the center position, this raised the position of the middle seat meaning that there is a dip on either side causing the center position to be unstable

2/ Narrow Center position,  may cause buckle crunch when the baby capsule/ child restraint is placed in the middle position, making it unsuitable to be installed in the center position

3/ Split seats, when the child is rear facing and there is a split seat, then it will not be possible to install a baby capsule/ child restraint in the center position

4/ Some cars will have design issues preventing the installation of the baby capsule/ child restraint into the center eg holden captiva

5/ Older cars may only have an anchor point on either side but not in the middle position thus preventing the installation of a child restraint in the middle position

IF the mother has had a c-section then the middle position is also unsuitable for the installation of the baby capsule/ child restraint

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