Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mobile Child Restraint Fitting in Melbourne

Mobile Child Restraint Fitting Service

mobile child restraint fittingDid you know it is possible to get your child restraint fitted at your home or office and you do not need to book an appointment two weeks in advance at one of many large baby shops in Melbourne

The Child Restraint Fitting Network are a group of ACRI Trained and Accredited Child Restraint Fitters across Melbourne (REMEMBER - ONLY EVER TRUST ACRI FITTERS) who will travel to your Home, Office, Car Dealerships and Car workshops and even to the Baby Store to help you select a new Child restraint.

Discounted Child Restraint Fitting

The Great News to Mums, Dads and grand parents is that when you have 2 or more child restraints which need to be installed then the cost of the child restraint fitting is the same or less than the cost at ALL BABY Stores across Melbourne, with the added advantage that we come to you and you do not need to wait 1 week plus for your appointment.

As we are Independent Business operators we own the business and take pride in our work. We promise you that we will NEVER rush the appointment and will always take you through the operation of the child restraint so that you will feel comfortable when you pick up your child from hospital.

Transfer Child Restraints to a New Car

Looking at getting a new car, with the Child Restraint Fitting Network\, this is an easy process which we handle regularly and can easily transfer the car seats while you are doing the paperwork with the dealership or transfer the child restraints at you home.

It is your decisions, which ever works better for your and your family; we are more than happy to accommodate and fit in with your time schedule.

Car Accidents and Child Restraints

Have you been involved with a Car Accident ??
ACRI Child Restraint Fitters are the only Child Restraint Installation Professionals who have can provide the correct paperwork for the insurance companies with an ACRI Installation certificate.
We are Mobile Child Restraint Fitters and can travel to the car workshop install the hire car seats into your hire car while the work is done alternatively we can come to your home when you have your hire car and install the hire car seats for you with all the correct paperwork fr the insurance company.

Do I need to replace my child restraint

Regardless of what the Insurance Company may say, it is not possible to get a child restraint re-certified after being involved in an accident and it is NOT possible to give a 100% guarantee tat the child restraint is free from micro-fractures, unless of course the baby shop has a x-ray machine where it is possible to scan for micro fractures.

REMEMBER Micro fractures are NOT VISIBLE to the naked eye.

Multi Fitting Child Restraints

We have a large databases of cars and child restraints; which we know it is possible to fit three across the back seat of different makes and models of cars. however do leave it to chance that you may be able to just squeeze the car seat in, as any distortion in the car seat shell will compromise the integrity of the car seats.

This is a common practice among some so called professional car seat fitters in Melbourne. Never let any fitter squash your car seats in.


CALL 0420 516 587 to get an ACRI Fitter to fit your child restraint in

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Baby Restraint Fitters Melbourne - How to Choose a Fitter

Looking for Baby Restraint fitters in Melbourne, it is very hard to decide on who you should trust when it comes to the safety of your child in the car.

Child safety in cars is a complex area which many parents and even industry experts find difficult to keep up with. The only true way to be certain that you have the correct information is to contact an ACRI Accredited baby seat installer.

ACRI Fitters are trained to understand the customer experience and to provide the correct information to the customer when installing any kind of child restraint.

However once a ACRI fitter is trained then they need to complete at least 200 installations on multiple car types and multiple car seat types from different manufacturers before they can call themselves a Certified fitter.

The installation of the child restraint is only a small part of the service offered by the accredited ACRI baby seat fitter.

Accredited ACRI Fitters undergo continuous training from the car seat manufacturers to ensure the knowledge of the ACRI Fitter is kept up to date with the latest car seats which are being released and updated to the current standards.

Registered ACRI car seat fitters also stay updated with the latest information regarding recall of baby car seats, new standards being introduced and the impact upon parents potential issues whic mums and dads discuss on social media. The only way in which ACRI Restraint Fitters can do this is through an active Network within the ACRI.

Did you know that ACRI is the only active organisation to promote ongoing training and keep their accredited baby restraint fitters updated with issue impacting your childs safety.

In Victoria, at present there is no active network for the motoring organisation and currently there is no training being offered to the motoring organisations.

It is highly likely that mechanic has NO TRAINING on installing a child restraint and will not have specific insurance for child restraint installation.


Fitting three child restraints across the back seat

This is one of the biggest issues for many parents; how can I fit three child restraints across the back seat. Solving this issue is complex; taking into account the width of each and every child restraint, the width of the back seat and does the is the seat contoured and have side wings and if so how wide are they.. Where are the anchor points and does the seat belt buckle compound the problem of fitting three car seats across the back.
Fitting three across the back seat is a problem an accredited ACRI car seat installer can usually resolve in less than 30 minutes helping to reduce your stress and in many cases eliminating the need top purchase a new car.

Baby Restraint Fitters - Best Practices

Baby restraint safety-check listAn Accredited baby restraint installer understands through their experience and being a current financial member of te ACRI; what is the best for the installation of current car seats,

Does your car have any safety issues (inflatable seat belts, anchor points which have not been tested etc) which impact the installation of the child restraint, ask an ACRI Accredited fitter who is a current financial member of the ACRI.. ONLY TRUST ACRI Fitters

Car Seat standards

An Accredited Car seat fitter will understand the current and past standards and how they apply to the current batch of child restraints and make recommendations as to what car seat to consider next when your child out grows their current child restraint. Use the knowledge of the car seat fitter and he can help shorten your investigation time for your next car seat

Child restraint Laws

An Accredited baby restraint installer understands what the law is with respect to babies and children travelling in cars, They have the experience to know what the laws are within your state and how they will apply to your children. In many cases the law can be confusing in that it may say that child should be rear facing until they are 6 months of age.

However from a practicality perspective, a child of 6 months does not have the strength to site upright and hold the body tense in the event of sudden braking. An accredited child restraint fitter understands this and will explain the issues with respect to your child.
Booster seat - 5 step test

A similar issue may happen when a child is approaching the average age for moving into using an adult seat-belt. The law may specify that the child needs to be 7 years of age but if the child is very small then they may be 8 or 9 years of age before the child will be ready to use an adult seat belt.

Use the 5 Step test to determine if your child is ready for an adult seat belt.

Don' Risk it with just a Motoring Mechanic - Use ACRI Fitters


An Accredited baby seat installer, does more than just install your child restraint, he/she will educate you on the law, and the standards, he/she will demonstrate, how to use the baby car seat and they will encourage you to experience the use of the restraint and address any problems you may experience.

Call your Accredited Baby Seat Installer in Melbourne Today on 0420 516 587

Monday, 6 July 2015

Baby Carseat Fitting Hawthorn Review

Just want to let you now that my daughter recently needed to have her baby carseat fitted urgently, and we went to the local baby shop, I explained the sitaution and they explained that they do not do child restraint fitting there but can send me to one of their other stores on Wednesday. I tried to explain that we need this done ASAP and that Wednesday was way too late for us. Additional to this we then needed to travel an further  25 minutes just to get to the other store.

We did our research on womo and found Anthony, who offers a  mobile baby car seat fitting service at your home or office and had great reviews at womo.

We were very surprised that someone would come to our home, install the baby car seat and then take the time to explain how the baby capsule worked, when we need to change over from a baby capsule to a normal child restraint and ensuring we were at ease with the operation of the baby carrier.

Service Summary - Child Restraint Fitting in Hawthorn

No matter where you live, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Malvern or even places like Prahran or Ashburton; I recommend Anthony with 5 stars, highest product knowledge regarding baby car seats, and he is able to work to your schedule, so that you are not stressing trying to get everything done.

Best of all he gave me a Safety check list card which he wrote to help mums and dads remember the most important aspects of using your baby capsule in the car  0420 516 587

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Baby Capsule Installation

The Baby capsule installation service offered by many so called accredited child restraint fitters does not marry up to the best practices. There are some shops and car seat fitters who tell mothers that they need a certificate to take to the hospital and that they are the on approved list of suppliers.

FACT : The  Hospital will not ask you for a certificate for the installation of the Baby capsule nor will the hospital want to inspect to ensure the baby capsule has been installed according to some hospital standard

MYTH : Some Baby Capsule fitters will tell you that you must use a baby capsule initially until the child is of 6 months of age.

FACT : A Baby \Capsule allows you to take the child in and out of the car easily and attach the carrier to a select number of prams including the iCandy, however depending on the parents, you may only be in the capsule for 5-7 week until the child outgrows the baby carrier. At which point the child you would transition to a rear facing convertible car-seat such as the INFA KOMPRESSOR, which allows you to keep your child rear facing up to 24 months (based on the 50th percentile).Ntorso lengthow with the update of the Australian standards te Infa Quattro will keep you child resar facing for up to 30 months of age (39 cm )

You can however have your child in a convertible car-seat from birth in a INFA Quattro and the child is just as safe as in a carrier

I want my baby capsule installed in the safest position in the car - the center position in the rear seat

FACT : The positional choice is dependent upon a number of factors some of these factors include

1/ Bucket seats on either side of the center position, this raised the position of the middle seat meaning that there is a dip on either side causing the center position to be unstable

2/ Narrow Center position,  may cause buckle crunch when the baby capsule/ child restraint is placed in the middle position, making it unsuitable to be installed in the center position

3/ Split seats, when the child is rear facing and there is a split seat, then it will not be possible to install a baby capsule/ child restraint in the center position

4/ Some cars will have design issues preventing the installation of the baby capsule/ child restraint into the center eg holden captiva

5/ Older cars may only have an anchor point on either side but not in the middle position thus preventing the installation of a child restraint in the middle position

IF the mother has had a c-section then the middle position is also unsuitable for the installation of the baby capsule/ child restraint

When you are looking for a Baby capsule installation in and around Mentone call on Car Seat Fitting in Melbourne call 0420 516 587