Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mobile Child Restraint Fitting in Melbourne

Mobile Child Restraint Fitting Service

mobile child restraint fittingDid you know it is possible to get your child restraint fitted at your home or office and you do not need to book an appointment two weeks in advance at one of many large baby shops in Melbourne

The Child Restraint Fitting Network are a group of ACRI Trained and Accredited Child Restraint Fitters across Melbourne (REMEMBER - ONLY EVER TRUST ACRI FITTERS) who will travel to your Home, Office, Car Dealerships and Car workshops and even to the Baby Store to help you select a new Child restraint.

Discounted Child Restraint Fitting

The Great News to Mums, Dads and grand parents is that when you have 2 or more child restraints which need to be installed then the cost of the child restraint fitting is the same or less than the cost at ALL BABY Stores across Melbourne, with the added advantage that we come to you and you do not need to wait 1 week plus for your appointment.

As we are Independent Business operators we own the business and take pride in our work. We promise you that we will NEVER rush the appointment and will always take you through the operation of the child restraint so that you will feel comfortable when you pick up your child from hospital.

Transfer Child Restraints to a New Car

Looking at getting a new car, with the Child Restraint Fitting Network\, this is an easy process which we handle regularly and can easily transfer the car seats while you are doing the paperwork with the dealership or transfer the child restraints at you home.

It is your decisions, which ever works better for your and your family; we are more than happy to accommodate and fit in with your time schedule.

Car Accidents and Child Restraints

Have you been involved with a Car Accident ??
ACRI Child Restraint Fitters are the only Child Restraint Installation Professionals who have can provide the correct paperwork for the insurance companies with an ACRI Installation certificate.
We are Mobile Child Restraint Fitters and can travel to the car workshop install the hire car seats into your hire car while the work is done alternatively we can come to your home when you have your hire car and install the hire car seats for you with all the correct paperwork fr the insurance company.

Do I need to replace my child restraint

Regardless of what the Insurance Company may say, it is not possible to get a child restraint re-certified after being involved in an accident and it is NOT possible to give a 100% guarantee tat the child restraint is free from micro-fractures, unless of course the baby shop has a x-ray machine where it is possible to scan for micro fractures.

REMEMBER Micro fractures are NOT VISIBLE to the naked eye.

Multi Fitting Child Restraints

We have a large databases of cars and child restraints; which we know it is possible to fit three across the back seat of different makes and models of cars. however do leave it to chance that you may be able to just squeeze the car seat in, as any distortion in the car seat shell will compromise the integrity of the car seats.

This is a common practice among some so called professional car seat fitters in Melbourne. Never let any fitter squash your car seats in.


CALL 0420 516 587 to get an ACRI Fitter to fit your child restraint in


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