Monday, 6 July 2015

Baby Carseat Fitting Hawthorn Review

Just want to let you now that my daughter recently needed to have her baby carseat fitted urgently, and we went to the local baby shop, I explained the sitaution and they explained that they do not do child restraint fitting there but can send me to one of their other stores on Wednesday. I tried to explain that we need this done ASAP and that Wednesday was way too late for us. Additional to this we then needed to travel an further  25 minutes just to get to the other store.

We did our research on womo and found Anthony, who offers a  mobile baby car seat fitting service at your home or office and had great reviews at womo.

We were very surprised that someone would come to our home, install the baby car seat and then take the time to explain how the baby capsule worked, when we need to change over from a baby capsule to a normal child restraint and ensuring we were at ease with the operation of the baby carrier.

Service Summary - Child Restraint Fitting in Hawthorn

No matter where you live, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Malvern or even places like Prahran or Ashburton; I recommend Anthony with 5 stars, highest product knowledge regarding baby car seats, and he is able to work to your schedule, so that you are not stressing trying to get everything done.

Best of all he gave me a Safety check list card which he wrote to help mums and dads remember the most important aspects of using your baby capsule in the car  0420 516 587


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